Here are a number of comments made by past and present clients and developers in response to many false and defamatory scam accusations posted on the Internet.

Unfortunately, any rebuttals appear very low down on the search results of individual websites.


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Dear Iyad and Ivone,

My name is Gabor Buzahegyi. I have done several deals with The VITALA Group in Hungary and in the CEE region. We were part of their finance syndicate. They are exist, real and one of the few companies in the World who are still able to finance projects. I have to say that they are doing a great job and whenever they return to Central Europe I will be happy to attend to their projects to be a syndicate member again. Kind Regards,

Gabor Buzahegyi
General Manager
Buzahegyi Kft.
H-1014 Budapest
Fő utca 32.

sheikh al nuaimi

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(Somebody try to pollute the name of Dr. Wolf Vierich and the Vitala Group. Really this Kind of trying is very poor and nasty because it means that everybody can destroy everyone throw Internet if he have no success with them. GENTLEMEN it is not fair because I have excellent experience with Dr. Wolf and the Vitala Group. I work with the more than Four years and till now Dr. Wolf performed what he promises also he met the Ministers and the Important Influence People in much Country’s with me and left a very good impression in their mind. Also he left a Brilliant impression to the Student in the University of Bottighofen in Switzerland throw a Lecture to them in the section of economy and Investment. He is very Professional in this Part and he has already arranged the Investment for my Project exactly what he said. So please stop this Bullshit propaganda about him because IT IS NOT TRUTH and I am very happy to work with him and the Vitala Group.)
Sheikh Al Nuaimi

Ilja Standke

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Vitala Group Work Is Highly Recommended!

Dear Dr. Vierich I am writing to commend your group works and efforts. We are most pleased with your group project financing our new 332 room city and convention hotel situated at the new Brandenburg, Berlin Airport, Germany. Ours is the first new hotel at this airport to be opened in 2012. Having worked with many international finance associations, your team works stand out ** far, and your groups understanding of global financing issues appears to be unique. Even in very difficult financial times, prevailing at the time of writing, your ability to fund our hotel project to the tune of US$ 72.0 million, has been well recognised. We are more than pleased to have instructed your group to develop our project on a turnkey basis and providing all industry standards and feasibilities.Your works is highly recommended.Your Sincerely, Ilja Standke Managing Director Standke Group Capital Asset Management Post: Falkenweg 1A38104 Braunschweig Germany office@standke-group.com www.standke-group.com

Jun Cheng

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The Vitala Group Of Companies - Professionals.

I would like to certify that numerous Vitala Group Companies (members of The Vitala Group of Companies), have been contracted since the middle of 2003, to carry out the architectural design and master planning, as well as the completion of all Feasibility Studies, for our multi-million US dollar Eco Tourism Resort project, covering various lodging components and leisure facilities, located in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China.
Additionally, their Group Companies will introduce foreign partners, joint ventures and provide project financing.

We are pleased with their professional performance, knowledge of the global tourism industry and their ability to keep to the disciplines. We trust that our commercial relationship will continue for years to come.

Yours sincerely,

Jun Cheng
Vice General Manager
Zhejiang Transfar Southerland Development Co. Ltd
Xiaoshan, Hangzhoou, P.R. China 311231
Tel (office): Int 86 (0) 571 13777811766, 82645588 ext 8106
Cell phone: 13957101561
Fax: Int 86 (0)571 82645669
Email: cj@etransfar.com
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"Originally Posted by Ivone >
Anyone has any information about Vitala group from England?
They are asking for travel ticket and full expenses paid upfront.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have been working with Vitala for some time, all my national and international financial transactions are finalized by the VitalaGroup of Companies. Some smaller projects we still deal with other systems like banks. But the international and high volume deals we close with VitalaGroup exclusively. We are absolutely satisfied by the procedure and the way the manner they do business


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... antifraudintl.com ...

I am Sheikh Al Nuaimi and I want to reply to those individuals who attempt desperately to discredit my name and that of The Vitala Group of Companies: on antifraudintl.org (Anti-Fraud International)

1) My company, Injaz Invest was and remains to be incorporated in the UK.

Am I supposed to incorporate in the Gulf, because it fits my title better??

2) The list of " Partners " in our web site lists those with whom we are " partnering with to provide services ".

Neither The Vitala Group nor anybody else is a shareholder/ intends to be a shareholder or director in my company.

These " partners " are simply services providers.

3) I am not English, but German. A retired Surgeon.

Maybe those who want to constantly investigate should be a little bit more careful in the future, and make sure they are correct in the statements they make on these Scam web Sites, in the future.

Sheikh Al Nuaimi

Gary Reiss

Helping 340B Covered Entities and Pharmacies Maximizing their Programs

April 23, 2017, Gary was a client of Dr Wolf’s

I have just returned from my site visit with Dr. Wolf in Costa Rica for his due diligence for a loan on my project. One enters these transactions with fear and trepidation. Dr. Wolf immediately put our whole team at ease. He went over the whole process and answered all our questions. He described the package that Vitala will prepare for us as well. I have been in business 45 years, and never have I seen such a complete and well thought out package of due diligence. I am confident that once that package is completed, not only will be get the financing, but if we follow the road map Vitala will create we will certainly be successful.
Please thank “Wolfy” for the valuable and generous time he spent with us in Costa Rica. He is an excellent listener, an instant accurate judge of character, an entertaining and animated speaker, and I completely enjoyed meeting him.
My advice to anyone applying to Vitala for a loan: “Read the FAQ’s, and if you qualify make the application and if approved, schedule the site visit. Follow the process outlined, resist the frustration at the lack of human contact that is in their process, because once you get to the site visit all the frustration will go away.
Your “Pushy” friend,
Gary Reiss

1) My company, Injaz Invest was and remains to be incorporated in the UK.

Am I supposed to incorporate in the Gulf, because it fits my title better??

2) The list of " Partners " in our web site lists those with whom we are " partnering with to provide services ".

Neither The Vitala Group nor anybody else is a shareholder/ intends to be a shareholder or director in my company.

These " partners " are simply services providers.

3) I am not English, but German. A retired Surgeon.

Maybe those who want to constantly investigate should be a little bit more careful in the future, and make sure they are correct in the statements they make on these Scam web Sites, in the future.

Sheikh Al Nuaimi

Jekaterina Rahikainen

General Practitioner at Itä-Savon sairaanhoitopiiri

December 23, 2016, Dr Wolf was a client of Jekaterina’s

I have known Dr Wolf more than 23 years. Not only a good friend, he has been my inspirer, mentor, to whom I am deeply grateful for the expert guidance of my studies and exellent advices concerning my career development.

I greatly appreciate Dr Wolf's intelligence, his wide scholarship, professional expertise, encouraging life vision and his respectful and elegant attitude towards other people.

Dr Wolf has the exceptional talent to motivate others to achieve their best performance ever.

Kgomotso kgoale


September 20, 2016, Kgomotso was a client of Dr Wolf’s

Dr Wolf Vierich is a very business minded person who is very much confident in Himself and knows his work. He is a very wise man,well spoken,easy to talk to and courageous person,very detailed and forever on point. When he came down to South Africa to meet with us along with Mr Andras our project took a turn in the right direction,the whole team felt so safe dealing with him.He have brought solutions to our project. He left us so inspired and on the right path. The mineut he spoke/addressed us we knew we going somewhere far with him. He really gave himself time to listened us and corrected us where needs be. He is a very nice person to work with and very much understanding. He is the real deal when it comes to project financing,He know what he is doing and he is very good at it. Would work with Dr Wolf at any time for with him you feel the security that your money and project are in good hands.

Maureen Louw

Guesthouse Owner

February 14, 2016, Maureen was a client of Dr Wolf’s

It was a honor to met Dr Wolf Vierich, Founder and Chairman of The Vitala Group of Companies.
Dr Wolf Vierich knows all the aspects of the Tourism Industry, and have a keen eye for seeing great opportunities in the Tourism Attractions.
Dr Wolf Vierich is very detailed oriented and produce great results for his Vitala Group.
Dr Wolf Vierich is a Inspirational person, highly educated and qualified.
It is a big opportunity for me to be associated with Dr Vierich and Vitala Group.
I trust that our partnership will last many years.
I highly recommend Dr Wolf Vierich and Vitala Group.
Maureen Louw

Gua Ying Lin

International Trade and Development

April 15, 2015, Dr Wolf worked with Gua Ying in the same group

From my earliest days, when I met Dr W Vierich, in Shenzhen, PRC, I recognized that he is a truly global player in the financial community.

Chinese business colleagues respect his work ethics and international finance knowledge.

His Vitala Group is one of the largest Groups, financing projects, of all industry types.

Energetic, determined, a charismatic, leader he " does what he says" .

Francis Farrell BSc Dip Prop Inv MSc FCIOB FRICS

Partner Farrell Kelly Associates and Vice President - Surveying at Vitala Group

February 5, 2015, Dr Wolf worked with Francis in the same group

If you are considering a business relationship with Dr Vierich, or his Vitala Group of companies, have no doubts. I unreservedly recommend Dr Vierich, as exceptionally knowledgeable and capable in the commercial, legal and technical aspects of project and development finance.

Having worked on many projects with him across various continents, I remain very impressed by his grasp of the pertinent issues, his integrity and ethical business approach, technical proficiency and personal touch.

It gives me great pleasure to consider Dr Wolf, as a mentor and personal friend.

Kieran Kelly

Partner Farrell Kelly Associates. & Vice President - Master Planning & Architect at The Vitala Group

February 4, 2015, Dr Wolf worked with Kieran in the same group

I have the privilege to work alongside Dr Vierich, and I am constantly amazed and impressed by his detailed knowledge and experience of all aspects of project development, from inception to completion, including technical, legal and financial.

He has an impressive attention to detail and a unique ability to see the "bigger picture".

I would have no hesitation in recommending Wolf to anyone, any company or any country seeking support for national or international development projects.

calin scutareanu

manager at trigam

August 28, 2014, calin reported directly to Dr Wolf

I met Dr Wolf some months ago and I was very impressed from the very beginning (and I still am) by his tremendous expertise, his ability to understand the possibilities of the project.

Dr Wolf is a detail oriented manager who watches the balance sheet extremely focused and never loses his sight of the strategic objective. He has also very high capacities of communication that makes him capable of making the others feel at ease in his presence.

He knows very well how to make his team partners to work at the highest level because he always is an example for his team.

He is a real expert in financial and legal issues, qualities that make him an extraordinary manager.

These are just few of the many qualities I recommend Dr. Wolf for. I became Vitala representative two months ago and I already had the opportunity to see Dr.Wolf vast knowledge.

Maria Eugenia Aguilar

Bienes y Raices

July 16, 2014, Dr Wolf worked with Maria Eugenia in the same group

Para mi es un placer recomendar al Dr Vierich como una estupenda persona, brillante que realiza con exito todos los proyectos al nivel Mundial, tiene un equipo de ejecutivos increible donde cada uno de ellos con su gran experiencia logran el gran exito de Vitala Group.

En lo personal me siento muy alagada de trabajar al lado de tan exitosa persona, excelente y calido ser humano como lo es el Dr Vierich, tiene un trato muy amable con sus clientes asi como tambien con sus amigos mas cercanos.

Con toda confianza lo recomiendo.

Maria Eugenia Aguilar
Owner/broker Real Estate Costa Rica
Escazu, San Rafael

Kieran Kelly

Partner Farrell Kelly Associates. & Vice President - Master Planning & Architect at The Vitala Group

February 4, 2015, Dr Wolf worked with Kieran in the same group

I have the privilege to work alongside Dr Vierich, and I am constantly amazed and impressed by his detailed knowledge and experience of all aspects of project development, from inception to completion, including technical, legal and financial.

He has an impressive attention to detail and a unique ability to see the "bigger picture".

I would have no hesitation in recommending Wolf to anyone, any company or any country seeking support for national or international development projects.

Beate Lantzsch

Business Development Coach ◆ Building Better Futures ◆ Putting You in Control of Your Income

January 22, 2014, Beate worked with Dr Wolf but at different companies

"I have known Dr. Wolf Vierich for over 30 years by now.

During this period of time, Wolf has been continuously growing his global business interests and his international connections by providing project finance through his Vitala Group Companies, management and consultancy services, project development as well as business management of highest standards.

He sits on many overseas boards and also consults a number of foreign governments, on tourism strategies, investment formation and legal issues and aspects.

His contributions over the years are as such that in 2010, the german government conveyed a knighthood on him, for outstanding services rendered in the hospitality industry, reflecting his senior international business status.

He has a sixth sense for investments opportunities and strategies, developments, being at the right time and in the right place.

Wolf's commercial skills combined with his high ethics code, reliability and ability to deliver what he promises, make him a business partner whose advise I continue to value profoundly.

His Vitala Group of Companies, is the largest project finance group, in the sectors of Tourism, Leisure and Themed Entertainment and for over 30 years, and their investment and finance commercial activities, covers more than 100 countries.

I highly recommend Dr Wolf Vierich services.

Luigi Benignoti

Presidente presso Comitato Canapa in terra di lavoro

July 3, 2013, Luigi worked with Dr Wolf but at different companies

Wolf is a manager of a thick, excellent knowledge of the international financial system and very results-oriented.

I had the pleasure of making his personal knowledge and I was able to appreciate the excellent direction of his career in the management of very complex international transactions.
I hope that our partnership will last much longer.

Luigi Benigno

Zsolt Katos

Managing Director at Szentes SPA & Medical Ltd.

June 3, 2013, Zsolt was a client of Dr Wolf’s

I have known Dr Vierich through our common ongoing Thermal Health & Tourism project in Hungary. He is the Chairman of our partner, the Vitala Group of Companies. He is a brilliant and highly experienced businessman. He leads his great team at a professional level.
I recommend him and his high-level services with confidence to any future partners.

Paul James

Director of Food and Beverage

March 20, 2013, Paul worked with Dr Wolf in different groups

During my years as an f&b professional, I have met hundreds of varied and professional figures from movie stars to Forbes listers to self made successors. No one has ever had an impact on my life, personally or professionally, the way Dr. Wolf has. Most in high positions like Dr. Wolf are often aloof and even condescending. Dr. Wolf 's uncanny ability to make everyone around him feel good about themselves, listened too and treated with utmost respect and dignity encourages everyone to feel special in his presence. Dr. Wolf has world class business acumen, unparalleled success intelligence to keep you on your seat... But it's his kind heart, loving nature and ability to bring the best out in people is why I am truly honored to call Wolf my friend and mentor. I am a better person for knowing him.

Gerry Robinson

General Secretary at Assn of Amusement & Leisure Equipment Suppliers of the UK

April 12, 2012, Dr Wolf worked with Gerry in the same group

I have known Dr Wolf Vierich for around 20 years and am well acqainted with his involvement and achievements withn the attractions and amusement/leisure industry worldwide.

His reputation is of the highest quality and he can be relied upon in all his business dealings.

Gerry Robinson/TSI Ltd
Gen Secretary/ALES-UK
(Assn of Amusement & Leisure Equipment suppliers of the UK)

Catena Spanò

Presidente bei Ragusa Hotel & Resort s.r.l.

March 21, 2012, Catena was a client of Dr Wolf’s

My development team and I met Dr. Wolf Vierich in late 2010.

The following year we hired him and his international The Vitala Group of Companies, for them to research and develop numerous feasibility studies and architectural design concepts, for a large multi complex project, covering the whole coast in Sicily, as well as to deal with project financing, in excess of US$400.0 million.

In the many project meetings which followed over the next twelve months period, we have learned to appreciate him as a pleasant, sympathetic, competent and reliable business partner.

His development team members are highly skilled and experienced.

The total project funding is organized through his group, The Vitala Group of Companies.

Their global development record is truly impressive and speaks for itself.

We look forward to continue our work together with Wolf and his team, at the current and all future developments in Sicily.

In summary, we want to continue treating Wolf, the way he treats us, as an honorable businessman.

A man who keeps his word. (Such personalities are rare in our world).

Catena Spanò
- Presidente -


Armando Guzman

Armando Guzman, President & CEO

March 4, 2012, Armando worked with Dr Wolf in different groups

Details of original recommendation:

This recommendation for Sir Dr. Wolf Vierich, is not only for the type of man he represents and what he is doing fr IBP Corp. and the Republic of Ecuador, in commercial matters, it is of utter importance to us here in Ecuador that eveyone knows, the help he and his group of companies is bringing by funding our Bio Diesel Plant Project.

This not only serves for the country of Ecuador, but also its people and population at large in the areas of Santa Elena, The Province of Santa Elena and San Lorenzo Province of Esmeraldas.

Dr. Vierich is helping to fund the lagest Renewable Fuel / Bio Diesel Refinery and Oil Exstracion Plant from micro sea algaea in Central and South America, probably the largest in the world, to the tune of over US$1.8 billions......

Not only will Dr. Vierich and the Vitala Group helping to protect the environment, it will also be helping to create over 5 thousand jobs and new areas of work and research.

Dr. Vierich and I have know each other for several years, and myself, and we all at IBP Corp. admire his expertise in international funding affairs as well as his incredible vision and future forcasting of project trends that the world needs now.

Most of all we admire his love for life and his standards of morality and ethics in his way of conducting business. (1 in a million).

Dr. Wolf Vierich has such an incredilble memory and he delivers always what he promises.

I must say, I have never met somebody like him.

I look forward in remaining associated with him for many years to come.


Armando Guzman
CEO & President of
Int. Bio Power Corp."

Anna Manti

Freelance Consultant in Project Management/consultant

October 28, 2011, Anna was a client of Dr Wolf’s

I had the opportunity to use the services of Dr. Wolf Vieirch in the various leisure and entertainment projects that were promoted by the Cyprus Development Bank Ltd and and under my responsibility as head of the Project Management Division..

In this advisory capacity, Dr Vierich and the Vitala Group have been involved with project conceptualization and formulation, organization of architectural competitions, establishment of financial assumptions needed to ascertain the viability of projects.

I found most useful the hand-on experience that Dr, Vieirich had in managing operations of such projects which was extremely important in the type of work that we were commissioned to deliver. I especially like to note Dr. Vierich’s ability to deliver at agreed times and at high quality levels.

Anna Tsiakki-MantisManager,The Cyprus Development Bank P.C. LTD,Project Management Division



September 8, 2011, CHAOUKI worked with Dr Wolf but at different companies

I am involved as General Manager in the Company InjaZaman in Morocco for the Development of the Mega Project Alzaman in Dakhla (www.injazinvest.com) Witch the Whole Finance (50 Billions Dollards) arranged throw Dr. Wolf Vierich as Chairman of the Vitala Group.
Dr. Vierich is very Professional in the Tourism Brunch. He met very Important Persons in the Government of Morocco and he inspired them throw His knowledge and his kindly nature. Also His honesty and his openness for any new idea make him very popular in Morocco. I am very proud to work with him.
Mr Amine CHAOUKI _ Injaz Invest_ Morocco

Dietmar Walter Meinbreckse


July 4, 2011, Dietmar Walter was a client of Dr Wolf’s

Herr Dr. Wolf Vierich unterstützt als Chairman der VITALA GROUP unsere geplante touristische Regionalentwicklung auf Sizilien. Während unseres großen Projektmeetings im Juni 2011 auf Sizilien, haben wir sehr intensiv und konstruktiv mit Ihm und seinem internationalen Expertenteam zusammen gearbeitet. Wir freuen uns auf eine weiterhin positive und zielorientierte Zusammenarbeit.
Dietmar Walter Meinbreckse
- Vice Presidente -

Luís Soares de Sousa

Partner Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira

April 7, 2011, Dr Wolf was a client of Luís’

I have known Dr. Wolf Vierich for more than 20 years and since the first time we met I was really impressed by his way of working and thinking. We were involved in several transactions related not only to transfer of land ownership, licensing and construction of a waterpark in the Algarve, but also in legal cases and representations. He is a highly professional and reliable person. His deep expertise and enormous experience in financing projects, leisure and tourism business are in fact incredible. Dr. Wolf Vierich is a true gentleman, an exceptional communicator and it is always a pleasure to work with him. I value our professional relationship but most of all our friendship. For all reasons, I strongly recommend Dr. Wolf Vierich.

Anup Vyas

Lawyer & Director, Vyman Solicitors

April 6, 2011, Dr Wolf was a client of Anup’s

Dr Vierich is the leading expert in his field, has tremendodus knowledge and experince in his industry and very sound business and commercial judgement.

His attention to detail and grasp of the real issues in relation to projects he is involved is second to none. He is also a man of honesty and integrity.

I would definitely reccomend him to anyone involved in large scale entertainment and leisure resorts and projects.

Ural Mutlu

Car Technology / Investment & More

March 24, 2011, Ural was a client of Dr Wolf’s

Dr W Vierich and his companies are the only worldwide financiers of multi purpose projects worthwhile to be approached.

Having failed for many years, to obtain project finance from organisations like, the ECB and the European Development Bank, we turned to The Vitala Group and were able to finance our first project application in Turkey, in 2008.

The following years, up to date, we were able to receive further project finanicing and most importantly, at all stages, we received sound fincial consultancy and advice,which was never rendred to us by other european banks in the past.

We never encountered the traditional financing obstacle with Vitala in comparison with the european banking system in operation.

Jason Bach

Partner at The Bach Law Firm, LLC in Las Vegas, The Bach Law Group, PLLC in Austin, and Education Litigation Group, LLC

March 12, 2011, Dr Wolf was a client of Jason’s

Dr. Vierich has been a client for over three years, during which time I continue to be impressed with the level of professionalism and sophistication exhibited by him and his company.
We are representing Dr W Vierich and his individual Vitala Group companies in all legal matters within the State of Nevada, USA.
I look forward to continuing representing him and work together in the future on legal matters in other jurisdictions too.

Sheikh DM.Haytham Saleh Al Nuaimi

President / CEO Injaz Invest Group

February 19, 2011, Sheikh DM.Haytham was a client of Dr Wolf’s

Dr Wolf Vierich and his Vitala Group companies, assist us, since three years, in the project formulation, feasibilities determination and exclusive project financing, of one of the world’s largest Resort development project, estimated at US$ 45 billion.:

“The City of Alzaman”, situated in Southern Morocco.

Please view the informative video on www.jazinvest.com

His Vitala Group companies are the world’s largest project funders in the areas of Tourism, Themed Entertainment and Leisure, besides many other industry related projects, acting in over 82 countries since 28 years.

Their professional integrity and reputation is unique.

Numerous meetings held with Moroccan Ministers and officials confirmed Dr W Vierich’s esteemed reputation. His further legal and management consultation has been of invaluable help in the development process of our project. We continue to avail us of his professional experience and corporate resources.

I highly recommend Dr W Vierich.

Sheikh DM Haytham Saleh Al Nuaimi

Nick Farmer

Guardian of the Stargazers at Timbalaya

March 31, 2010, Nick worked with Dr Wolf but at different companies

Wolf Vierich has a keen eye for seeing great opportunities in leisure attraction developments. He operates world wide and has been instrumental in putting together deals in approaching 60 countries. He is probably the world's leading leisure development financier.

Andrew Mellor

Owner, AM Leisure Consultancy

AFebruary 19, 2010, Andrew was a client of Dr Wolf’s

Wolf has been involved in the leisure and tourism industry for many years and is highly respected. He works globally and his knowledge and expertise have ensured he has been involved in many prestigious projects around the world. These have covered all types of leisure and entertainment venue from theme parks and water parks to shopping malls and resort hotels, and a wide range of professional disciplines. I have always enjoyed and appreciated his insight into the many different aspects of the business.

Roberta Perry

Vice-President Business Development

January 22, 2010, Roberta worked with Dr Wolf but at different companies

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Vierich since 1995 when I served as President of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA.) Over the years he has provided numerous financial proposals for my clients and I found he and his associates to be of the highest integrety and professialism. He is one of the very few global consultants in the Leisure Entertainment industry I can highly recommend for our clients international projects. It continues to be an honour to know and work with Dr. Vierich and the Vitala Group.

ashoob cook

President and the co-founder of Acquarossa Terme SA

December 7, 2009, ashoob was a client of Dr Wolf’s

Dr Wolfe is an extremly dedicated professional who has intergrity and honesty in all his dealings. Dr Wolfe is inspirational and executes his services with utmost percision and due care and diligence. I have been enormously impresed by his business ethics and his personable charm and pragmatisim.I highly recommend Dr Wolfe and his company Vitala. They make the impossible possibe.

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz

Professor for Responsible Leadership

December 2, 2009, Prof. Dr. Mathias was a client of Dr Wolf’s

I have met Dr. Vierich personally as a potential investor and advisor for a huge touristic project which Injaz Invest Ltd. is going to realize in West-Africa. His broad knowledge, cognitive and emotional intelligence impressed me a lot. I have been dealing with many top-managers and entrepreneurs in my life. Dr. Vierich's excellent and outstanding personality is unique even compared with many of them. It is pleasure for me cooperating with him in the long-term.

Ahriana Platten

Public Speaker, Marketing Specialist, Business Consultant

November 24, 2009, Dr Wolf worked with Ahriana in the same group

It has been my great pleasure to know Dr. Vierich for more than 15 years. As a former advisor to President Reagan and an International representative for a number of professional Leisure and Tourism associations, Dr. Vierich's talents are known around the world. We crossed paths for years prior to forming a professional alliance and he always had an entertaining story to tell! That is still true today!

In 1996, we formed a partnership and began working together. As the Chairman of the Vitala Group, Dr. Vierich's exceptional attention to detail, unrivaled knowledge of the Development and Financing Industries, and his vast network of international connections make him a resource that is hard to match. I have traveled the world with Dr. Vierich and am always impressed with his diverse cultural knowledge and his ability to implement a unique and successful strategic plan that meets the specialized needs of each of our Clients.

There is only one "Wolf" and I highly recommend him!